Prof. Hofmann and Dr. Piccard, as pioneers in their field, will show the importance of shifting paradigm on the way to improvement and innovation. Sometimes it is necessary to throw away old habits or believes in order to reach new dimensions. Get inspired during this 1 hour webinar on how health care can be brought to a new level and how Patient Blood Management can improve patient outcome and save costs.

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Time Title Speaker
25 minutes Patient Blood Management:
Improving patient outcomes for millions while
saving billions
A. Hofmann
25 minutes The management of change,
the way to success
B. Piccard
10 minutes Q&A  

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Axel Hofmann


Axel Hofmann is a Doctor of Medical Science with a Master’s Degree in Economics. He is Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Health and Medical Science, The University of Western Australia and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Anesthesiology at the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. He is one of the originators and international key opinion leaders of Patient Blood Management (PBM), a groundbreaking concept to improve patient outcomes on a large scale by systematically addressing the highly prevalent, but still underestimated global problems of anemia, blood loss and coagulopathy. His focus is PBM-related clinical and health economic research with more than 70 peer-reviewed publications in leading international journals and several book chapters. He supports health ministries, governmental institutions and hospital systems throughout the world in making PBM a standard of care. He currently serves as Chair of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Working Group and External Steering Committee to provide worldwide guidance in PBM implementation.

Bertrand Piccard


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It is in Bertrand Piccard’s DNA to go beyond the obvious and achieve the impossible. From a legendary lineage of explorers who conquered the stratosphere and the abysses, he made history by accomplishing two aeronautical firsts, around the world non-stop in a balloon, and more recently in a solar plane without fuel. His dual identity as a psychiatrist and explorer makes him an influential voice heard by the largest institutions which today consider him as a forward-thinking leader on the themes of innovation and sustainability. Founder and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation, he has succeeded with his team to identify 1000 efficient solutions to protect the environment in a profitable way. Bertrand seeks to highlight solutions by developing synergies where others see only oppositions. A true communicator at heart, Bertrand has become a prominent speaker, invited to express his vision of the pioneering spirit at public, private and institutional events. Bertrand is currently United Nations Ambassador for the Environment and Special Advisor to the European Commission.